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We have a unique collection of equipment that will enable you to create and capture your sound!  (Scroll down for more details!)


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With experience spanning hundreds of customers and partners, dozens of musical instruments, and thousands of songs, performances, and events, the Jam Central team can help you find your jam, record and/or perform it, market it, and get more of the world to enjoy it! 

Gear Details (Always growing!)



AKG - C1000 S

AKG - D112 MkII Pro Bass Drum Mic

Audix ADX51 Overhead Mics (x2)

Audix D2 Rack Tom Mics (x2)

Audix D4 Floor Tom Mic

Audix D6 Kick Drum Mic

Audix i5 Snare Drum Mic

Avantone - CV 12b

Blue - Bluebird

Blue - Yeti LE USB Professional Mic

DPA - d:vote Inst. Mic for Brass / Drums

DPA - d:vote Inst. Mic for Guitar / Piano

Neumann - TLM-103

Royer - R10 Paired Ribbon Mics (x2)

Sennheiser - E945

Shure - 55SH Series II Vocal Mic

Shure - SM57 Mics (x2)

Shure - SM58 Mics (x4)

Shure - Super 55 Deluxe Mic

Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic


Bass: Hofner Violin Bass

Guitar - Acoustic: Ovation

Guitar - Electric: Fender Stratocaster

Guitar - Electric: Hamer Vector Flametop Flying-V Guitar

Guitar - Electric: Washburn G-2V

Keys: Korg M1 synthesizer (61 velocity- and aftertouch-sensitive keys)

Keys: Korg Triton ProX synthesizer (88 weighted keys)

Keys: Roland Juno 60 synthesizer (61 keys)

Keytar: Roland 49-key AX-Edge

Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin

Percussion: Congas (Shalloch) - 2

Percussion: Percussion Plus Trap Set

Percussion: Vibraslap

Piano: Baldwin Baby Grand

Piano: Hobart M. Cable Player Piano (upright)

Piano: Story & Clark Baby Grand

Trombone: Bach - Stradivarius Model 16

Recording Software and Hardware

Focusrite 64 in / 64 out Audio Interface  (Red8Pre)

Avid ProTools HD (Auth Card + iLok)

Avid HD Native Thunderbolt Core

Focusrite 26x28 Clarett TB 8Pre Interface

Amplifiers / Monitors / Speakers

Ampeg VH-140C (Amp Head & 4 x 12" Celestion speakers) Guitar Amp

Behringer 8.75 in. B2031A Monitors (x2)

EAW UB82e Passive Speakers (two 8-in.cones + horn) (x2)

EV ZLX12P 1000 Watt Speaker

Harbinger V2212 600 Watt Speaker

PreSonus ERIS E8 Monitors (Pair)


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But wait, there's more!

Avalon VT-737sp

ART 2-channel Tube Preamp