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Welcome to our Recording Studio (and more)!

We are excited to work with musicians and others in the entertainment industry to advance the power, fun, & impact of music!

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About Us


A Recording Experience Like No Other

We have recording studios in the Twin Cities with state-of-the-art equipment, world-class engineering and production talent, connections and experience across many musical genres, and a sweet, relaxed (yet professional) vibe. We'd love to jam with YOU!


Working With You To Find YOUR Jam

Everybody has talent...something worth sharing. Not everybody has the opportunity, energy, access or ability to achieve, capture, and market AMAZING talent, but we're here to help you do just that. We want to be part of your adventure, finding your best and sharing it with the world!


Beyond Recording

The music industry, and for that matter the entertainment industry, affects our world more profoundly than many people realize. We want to find ways to use that power for GOOD, and invite YOU to be part of that! We love collaborating with people and organizations who advance that cause.




Capturing sounds (voice or other acoustic sources) in a way that enables near-perfect reproduction through speakers or headphones is one of our favorite challenges!



Guitars and bass guitars, keyboards, percussion and other instruments are at your disposal at Jam Central.  We encourage you to play around to find cool sounds!

Recording Software and Hardware


With ProTools HD as a starting point, we have a variety of software, plug-ins, and interfaces so we can accommodate a great variety of preferences!

Amplifiers / Monitors


Gotta move that air! Compression and rarefaction, the building blocks of audio reinforcement / recreation - we like to have a variety of options to optimize your sound!



Updating soon!

And more!


There's more?!

Our Partners (Check back soon!)



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